Tauntr Media Overview

Tauntr Media is a real-time; multi-media branded content company that builds daily relevance for brands by connecting them to conversations their target audience is having around topical events and cultural trends. Tauntr.com is our first media property produced from this unique business process. Its relevant daily content is focused on two enormous categories, sports and popular culture.

When relevant, multi-media content is introduced into a consumers daily conversation, it is shared more rapidly throughout their social networks. This provides brands and agencies a unique opportunity to produce daily branded content campaigns that are more effective. Higher quality engagement occurs during bursts of focused attention when consuming relevant content designed specifically for social platforms and mobile devices.


After seeing the Breaking Bad Chuck Taylor shoe design on Tauntr.com, Emmy award winning actor Bryan Cranston requested that an actual pair be created so that he could wear them to the Breaking Bad season 5 premiere... More
Rangers President (Scott O’Neil) helped fan the flames of an already red hot piece of Tauntr content by tweeting it out to thousands of followers... More